Scott Butterworth has 25 years of experience as an editor, working with writers on longform and shorter pieces on the staff of The Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and smaller daily publications.


As editorial copy chief at The Post, I worked directly with nationally known columnists and outside contributors to produce opinion articles that were both engaging and accessible to a general reader. In editing these pieces, I would identify any incomplete thoughts or rickety structure, improve the grammar, check the facts asserted and work with the writer to clarify and refine points. 

I previously worked with The Post's nationally known political writers and arts critics. There, I developed a reputation as a sensitive editor who would seamlessly improve a piece while retaining the writers voice and authority.

I have a zeal for telling a good story, for entertaining a reader as she is informed. I am also a stickler for accuracy. Because my work has involved a wide variety of subjects, I am remarkably versatile. Yet I am also a quick study when I confront a new topic.

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